Friday, 9 December 2016

The gravy train is about to hit the buffers I'm afraid

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Author: Jim

@Fergus Brown I hear he speaks well of you too.  I don't think Trump needs much persuasion.  The gravy train is about to hit the buffers I'm afraid.

P.S. I'm not getting any of the requested notifications of follow up comments, etc.  Maybe you'd care to have a look at this?

Feel free to sound off in your echo chamber for as long as it lasts

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Author: Jim

Feel free to sound off in your echo chamber for as long as it lasts.  As of 20th January 2017, the countdown to complete and utter irrelevance begins.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Great modern theories? These are just Jew science fraud

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Author: Graeme Bird

"It appears especially stupid when laid against the great modern theories like relativity or QM."

Great modern theories? These are just Jew science fraud. They are not representative of the scientific method at all.

Saturday, 9 July 2016

ATTP: The Scientific Method

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The article's two examples are flawed.

> When Socrates asked “What is justice?” there was never any doubt that his listeners knew what the word “justice” meant.

This isn't true; different participants to the dialogue have different views. One proposes "might is right" and "Socrates" (really Plato) has no coherent answer to that viewpoint. Interestingly, Justice is indeed very hard to define, unless you accept Hobbes's version, which is to define it as "all that is not unjust", and define *that* as breaking covenants, which I think is an excellent approach ( This inversion is reminiscent of Popper's.

Meanwhile, the bit about Kepler is over-simplified at best, since motion around the orbit not just its shape was very important.

As to your question, do scientists need to study philosophy of science, I think I'd go for a Kuhn-like paradigm-type answer: 95%+ of scientists are doing factory-science and don't need that kind of stuff; its the 5% who are in some sense thought-leading and truely innovating who need it; but then again, they've already got it, or they wouldn't be there.

[See-also my: Science]

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

and that the NSA lied about this

Long Article on Snowden's Attempts to Raise His Concerns Inside the NSA says Bruce Schneier. I didn't find it convincing and said so:

> and that the NSA lied about this
That seems very strong, and not justified by the article. I confess I haven't read through all 800 pages of the PDFs, but there was nothing significant in the first 10-20 pages. To save us all trawling through the 800 pages, perhaps you could post some pointers to the bits you consider justify you claim of lies?

Socially constructed silence?

ATTP has an article on what I would call a really rather silly article called Socially constructed silence? Protecting policymakers from the unthinkable by PAUL HOGGETT and ROSEMARY RANDALL 6 June 2016. I commented there, and will record here for posterity since I'm pretty sure at least part of it will be redacted, the following:
The article seems to be wank to me. For example “after the fiasco of COP 15 at Copenhagen… climate change became a taboo subject among most politicians” is clearly drivel, as the most recent Paris summit showed. As to the poor dahling little scientist who was “attacked” by her colleagues – from what is quoted, you can’t tell if that was an “attack” or, as rather more likely, constructive criticism.
I think the article falls into the trap that many denialists do – that most “climate scientists” are working directly on the “big picture” of human-caused GW. But they aren’t; that’s a commonplace illusion, but its wrong. Most “climate scientists” are working on small pieces of the puzzle and would have nothing in particular to say to the meeja anyway. FWIW, when I was at BAS, mgt and the PR dept were desperately happy whenever anyone got their research into the press, or indeed any work-related activity, as long as it wasn’t buggering penguins.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Denialism is the opposite of believalism

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Author: Brad Keyes
Dr Connolley writes inline that:<blockquote>[...The antithesis of science is denialism, e.g. WUWT or Republican congresscritters -W]</blockquote>Um, not quite.

Denialism is the opposite of <i>believalism</i>.

Republican congresscritters is the opposite of <i>Democrat senatecritters</i>.

The opposite of science is <i>antiscience</i>: the active hostility to human discovery about nature. This hostility is exemplified when a supposed "scientist" says that if people he doesn't like ever hear there is a Freedom of Information Act now in the UK, he'd rather destroy a priceless library of knowledge about climate and weather rather than send to anyone.